Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri

It’s a little late for the weekend and after was all said and done the sun decided it wasn’t going to come out to play… but we still had a glass of sunshine!

This week we laboured for 36 hours to make our very own strawberry coconut daiquiri; and it was worth it. We knew it was going to be special – anything that takes that long has got to be special! So to its taste; as you raise the glass to your mouth you can smell the coconut, it’s almost warming and reminds you of every holiday spent by the pool or on a hot beach… then the first taste, the coconut is still there but now you have the most amazing strawberry flavour as well, and finally once you’ve swallowed your mouthful you are left with a clean and crisp lemon – totally worth the wait!

Rating: We’ll rate this one as medium, not because it’s hard to make but more because it does take time

Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri


120ml 55 Coconut Vodka
500 grams Strawberries (fresher the better)
120ml Water
2 Lemons
60 grams Sugar
330ml Cloudy Lemon, plus some for serving with


Step 1: Place the sugar and water into a saucepan over a high heat

We used Billington’s organic granulated cane sugar but you should feel free to use whatever you have.

Step 2: Bring to the boil and add the strawberries

Boiling Strawberries ready to make our Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri.

We cut our strawberries up but there’s no real need to do this – just as long as they are all submerged in the water.

Step 3: Reduce the heat so the mixture is simmering and leave for 15 minutes, until the strawberries are completely soft

Don’t leave the mixture on it’s own – it’s prone to boiling over and remember it’s hot sugar so don’t leave it!

Step 4: Use a blender to process the strawberries until they become liquid

Nutribullet Blending Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri

We used a NutriBullet to do this but we had to wait for the mixture to cool so took longer; a hand processor may have been easier. 

Step 5: Remove from the heat and stir in the vodka, lemon juice and cloudy lemon

Caution! The cloudy lemon will fizz up! Add slowly.

Step 6: Leave to cool to room temperature before pouring into a sealed container. Place in the freezer for at least 8 hours to set

It ended up taking ours more like 36 hours to turn to ice/slush; our suggestion is if you are making this for a BBQ or gathering is to have a dry run ahead of the main event so you know how long it’s going to take!

Step 7: To serve, use an ice cream scoop to fill a glass with the frozen slush. Top with extra cloudy lemon drink and serve


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