From field to bottle, 55 Above are passionate about the quality of their vodkas and the production process is meticulously monitored by our Master Distiller to ensure an exceptionally smooth vodka. One which is simple, yet maintains the purest of flavours.

Our vodkas are lovingly made by hand from superior quality potatoes that are all harvested right here in the UK. We use only the finest cut of the spirit from each batch, this means that there is no need for filtration and the final product is a truly pure vodka that is packed full of character and retains the lovely, natural sweetness from our potato.

To produce our range of vodkas, both the copper still and the distillation column are the key to purity in all of our vodkas. After all, this focus on purity is why we named our 40% artisan vodka 55 Above ‘Pure’.

copper pot distilled vodka


55 Above prides itself on using traditional copper still distilling methods, but in a modern setting. Our copper pot stills are the smallest commercial stills in the world with a unique high reflux column allowing us to hand produced in small batches – just a few hundred bottles at a time.

Our copper still is one of the most important elements in the purification process when producing our vodka as copper helps removes impurities from the core potato spirit. Once the impurities have been removed, we then separate the heads and the tails from the spirit and only use the very best part of each distillation run. At 200L we have a unique capacity of being able to separate the heads and tails extremely precisely from the desired heart of the spirit.

copper pot distilled vodka
copper pot distilled vodka
copper pot distilled vodka

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