Toffee Vodka Mojito

Friday afternoon brings us play time at 55 hq. We’ve been thinking for ages that we should try cocktails again based on what we like and what we’d like to try… so David in the team came up with a Toffee Vodka Mojito… and we have to say it was divine!

Rating: We’d rate this as extremely easy to make – so scoot down the page and we’ll give you the ingredients and how to make it.

55 Toffee Vodka Mojito


75ml 55 Above Toffee Vodka

75ml Apple Juice

1 Lime

12 Mint Leaves

1 Apple

Ideally you would have 2 tall glasses (but we recommend simply using your favourite – we love a good quality glass and they aren’t all tall!), a sharp knife, a jigger, a muddler, chopping board and ice. Make sure you have a clear work area and don’t rush; good things are worth waiting for!


Step 1: Gently press 10 of the mint leaves in the tall glass

Use your muddler to gently press down on the leaves; you are wanting to extract the flavour but not mash/destroy the leaves – treat them well, they’ll add loads of flavour.

Step 2: Press your limes

In the second tall glass now use the muddler to press half your lime; for easy cut it into 3 or 4 segments. As with the mint don’t rush and don’t pulp the line. We want the juice and a little of the oils from the skin but not loads. Pour the juice into a measure, you are going to want around 20ml.

Step 3: Get ready to drink…

You should already have the mint & lime in your tall glass. Now add the 75ml of apple juice, add ice to fill your glass and finally add 75ml of Toffee 55 Vodka. Stir gently with a long spoon.

Garnishing: Add a wedge of lime, a mint leaf or two and thinly sliced apple. We say leave for a minute or two to let it settle a bit or just get stuck in.

As you work your way down the glass you’ll taste the apple, at first it’s 100% like the toffee apples we all had as kids – then you’ll get the lime and mint come through – overall a very easy and refreshing cocktail that goes great on a sunny day with a BBQ.

Finally, here’s how ours ended up almost immediately after taking the picture!

Empty Toffee Vodka Mojito





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